Technical Lead

Work Type: Full Time

We are a small team of people striving to grow successful business ideas while creating a nurturing culture in the organization. While we are on this journey, we also help our clients to achieve their business aspirations. 

Responsibility -

- End-to-End product ownership. - Converting fuzzy business ideas to concrete product requirements. - Architecture, design and development of software products. - Setting-up Devops and tooling for the products. - Training the engineering team on new tech-stacks and best practices. - Ramping up on existing products, tech-stacks and gaining expertise.  



- 3+ years of experience in product development. 

- 2+ years of experience in product end-to-end ownership

- We are web application development company and expertise in any of the front-end or back-end tech-stacks is desirable.

- HTML, Node.js, CSS, React, Angular, Vue   - Python, Django   - MongoDB, PostgresSQL   - Webserver Devops, AWS   - Nginix, Apache web servers  


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